Never Trim Your Nails on a Sunday: Decoding Superstitions and Folklore


In this article, we will explore an outdated European superstition that advises against cutting fingernails on a Sunday. According to this belief, performing this task on the day of rest and worship is considered not only an act of vanity but also invites evil stories and even the devil’s attention for an entire week. Additionally, we will uncover other unlucky days for nail trimming and discover the reasoning behind them.

The Unfortunate Fridays and Sundays

Aside from Sundays, Fridays are also regarded as ill-fated for cutting nails. Legend has it that such an act on a Friday will bring bad luck and sorrow upon the household. Therefore, both Fridays and Sundays are strictly ruled out for this grooming ritual.

Playing it Safe with Mondays

To avoid any potential mishaps, many people choose to postpone their nail-trimming session until Monday. It is believed that cutting nails before noon on a Monday is particularly auspicious, and doing so may even bring unexpected rewards. The proverb goes as follows: “Cut on a Tuesday for thrift, cut on Wednesday for knowledge, cut on Thursday for new shoes, cut on Friday for sadness, cut on Saturday to look your best tomorrow, and cut on Sunday for evil.”

Nail Cutting and the Fear of Thievery

During the 19th century, a common superstition emerged that if a mother were to trim her child’s nails before their first birthday, the child would grow up to be a thief. This belief highlights the deep-rooted fears and concerns surrounding nail cutting in different cultures throughout history.

Legendary Viking Nail Myths

Even the mighty Vikings had their own unique concerns regarding fingernails. It was believed that a ship called Naglfar, constructed entirely from fingernails and toenails taken from the deceased, would sail into battle against the gods when complete. This ultimate battle, known as Ragnarok, marked the end of the world. To prevent the deceased from contributing to the construction of Naglfar, it was crucial that their nails were left uncut when buried. Although what became of Naglfar remains unknown, it is fascinating to delve into the world of Viking mythology.

Nail Salon Best Practices

While superstitions and folklore offer intriguing insights into the significance of nail trimming in various cultures, it is important to note that these beliefs are not rooted in scientific evidence. In modern times, nail salons uphold the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism. So, rest assured that when you visit a nail salon, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience.


Although the belief that cutting nails on certain days may bring luck or misfortune persists in various cultures, it is essential to approach such beliefs with a pinch of salt. Nail trimming is a personal grooming routine that should be undertaken regularly to maintain good hygiene. So go ahead and practice self-care with confidence, regardless of the day of the week.

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