My Top Recommendation for Nail Buffing Cream in 2020

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Thinking about achieving the perfect nail buff? Let me introduce you to the buffing cream from Super Nail.

Have you ever found yourself concerned about excessive buffing?

It’s natural to desire beautiful, ridge-free, and clean nails, but there can be downsides. Continuous buffing can lead to thinning nails, and the heat generated from friction can weaken them over time.

The Art of Nail Buffing

As you may already know, the standard nail buffing process involves three parts. First, use the rough side of the buffer from the bottom towards the outer edge. Continue until the texture becomes slightly rough. Then, switch to the smoother side and buff until the cloudy nail texture becomes matte or semi-shiny. Finally, use a fine-grit nail buffer for a polished and shiny finish.

While the three-step process does a decent job, it can be enhanced by using a nail buffing cream as the final step.

Super Nail Buffing Cream – A Review

In my opinion, the best choice for a nail buffing cream is the one from Super Nail. Only a small amount of this cream is needed to achieve a brilliant shine. The finish it leaves behind is a gentle and natural touch, especially if you prefer a more natural look. Apply the cream with a chamois buffer for best results.

Regular application of this cream does not thin the nails or affect the cuticles. When combined with a high-quality chamois buffer, it will leave your nails looking as shiny as highly polished marble.

The Ingredients of Super Nail Buffing Cream

Among other ingredients, the cream contains water (Aqua, Eau), alumina, propylene glycol, lanolin, sodium, lauryl, sulfate, and methylparaben. You can find the full list of ingredients here.

How Does Super Nail Buffing Cream Work?

  1. Start by buffing your nails.
  2. Gently apply the cream with a sterile cotton swab.
  3. Allow the cream to dry lightly for a few minutes, similar to waxing a wooden surface.
  4. Buff the nails with a chamois buffer until the cream is completely gone.
  5. Clean your nails with a soft towel or napkin.
  6. After applying the cream, wash your hands with gentle soap and apply cuticle oil for lustrous and shiny nails.

How Not to Use Nail Buffing Cream?

To ensure the best results, avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands before starting to remove natural oils that may prevent the cream from adhering properly.
  2. Always buff your nails in a single direction, from the outside edge towards the center.
  3. Avoid buffing too often or excessively in one session to prevent nail damage.
  4. Never apply the cream to dry nails. Moisturized nails are crucial for nail health, and buffing dry nails may affect the inner layers.
  5. If you prefer a natural look instead of nail polish, the buffing cream is the perfect alternative. It provides a protective, thick, and shiny coating with just a small drop.

Super Nail Buffing Cream has a cream-like consistency, making it easy to apply and spread evenly on the nail bed. It’s an excellent alternative to transparent nail lacquer, especially if your nails have been damaged by gel or acrylic products.

Zoey’s Tips – Homemade Nail Buffing Cream Recipe

If you’re looking to enhance your buffing session, here’s a simple homemade recipe using baking soda, coconut oil, or olive oil. Any decent oil will do the trick!

Achieve the perfect shine for your nails with the right buffing cream. Take care of your nails and enjoy the healthy, natural look you desire.

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