Where To Find The Best Nail Designs In 2020


Are you looking for inspiration, creativity, and to spice up your look and style with some glamourous nails?

Look no further get ready to dive into the world of nail art and design. I’m here to satisfy all of your tastes and desires with the best nail designs, shops, websites, and ideas.

A popular website that states the newest trends fashion, beauty, and grooming. You can find various articles on the best “Summer Nail Designs” if you are seeking out season-specific designs.

Another popular multi-media brand that will not disappoint you in supplying you with the coolest nail art, and the best brands so you can do your manicures at home.

Robin is a beautiful and inspiring soul, she helped lots of underprivileged girls and women without mentors. She’s been on youtube for 10 years helping to get hand-painted nails to those who want or need to learn.

She has more than 1500 tutorials on her Youtube Channel http://bit.ly/1UDLr1B. Also, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram at @robinmosesnailart.

More than this if you need some awesome brushes and prints check out the store at https://robinmosesnailart.com/

An informational website that in detail will guide you through the best quality nail polishes, gels, and art that you can purchase for yourself.

A magazine that caters to a younger audience, keep you updated about celebrity fashion, trends, nails’ health, and lifestyle. You can find all your favorite celebrity’s nail designs to copy or seek inspiration from.

Operating for two decades they have updated their audience on daily tips and news.
Head out to their website to find a vast array of nail art designs peculiar to your tastes, seasons, and special events, they have it all!


Social media being the forefront to setting trends and making them go viral here are some of the top influencers.

1. @nailsbymei

Seen as one of the most original and best nail artists in the world with her eccentric designs. She has a client list that consists of Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid.

2. @britneytokyo

Her intricate and dainty designs have won her many nail art competitions.

3. @stephstonenails

Mixing different forms of art styles, she has carefully garnered a large fan base with her chic designs.

4. @aliciatnails

Having done manicure for most of the high-end fashion industry. Her designs display a harmonious blend of colors and techniques.

5. @jessicawashick

With her unique and out of the box innovative designs are sure to intrigue you prefer to go all out on your nails.


Now if you’re too busy to visit a salon, or because of the recent pandemic are unable to get your nails touched up these do-it-yourself kits are just what you need to save time and money on future trips to the salon.

  1. Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Kit

Easy to use and comes complete with LED light, polish, and soaking gel.

  1. Gel Polish Starter Kit

At a reasonable price, you can do now decorate and style your nails however you please. The kit comes with different tools and accessories for you to design whatever you want.

  1. Dip Powder Gel Liquid Set

Catering to your needs, this kit makes it easier to handle dip powder and also delivers ornaments like gel nails in the comfort of your own home.

  1. French Nail and Glitter Kit

Achieve the perfect French manicure at home and even experiment with glitter.

  1. Holographic Nail Powder

With this kit, you can get salon ready nails in your own house for all those who want a mesmerizing shimmer to their nails.


Top 100 Nail Art blogs: https://blog.feedspot.com/nail_art_blogs/





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