Baby Bath Products That I Absolutely Love and Recommend


As a blogger, I have the privilege of trying out various products. I enjoy discovering what works best for me and sharing my recommendations with others, just like I would with my best friend. I take pride in providing genuine and authentic reviews to help you make informed decisions. Today, I want to share the baby bath products that I truly love and will continue to buy. Some of these products were gifted to me, while others I purchased myself.

Natural Products for Delicate Baby Skin

When it comes to my 4.5-month-old daughter, I am very meticulous about the products I use on her delicate skin. I prefer using natural products that are gentle and suitable for babies. Today, I want to share the products that both Ellie and I adore and will remain on my shopping list.

Discovering the Benefits of Essential Oils

Over the past year, I have developed a deep appreciation for essential oils. During my pregnancy, I was keen on creating a chemical-free and toxin-free environment for myself and my baby. This led me to explore the benefits of pure and authentic products. Essential oils quickly captured my attention, and I became fascinated by their numerous uses. I started by diffusing various oils to reduce stress, diminish stretch marks, and protect myself from cold and flu viruses.

Using Young Living Oils for Baby

After Ellie was born, I discovered that there are specific Young Living oils that are safe for babies. I diffuse Lavender to help her sleep, and I add a drop of Gentle Baby to her massage oil. I have noticed that she sleeps better and feels more relaxed when I use these oils. As Ellie grows, I plan to introduce other oils like Copaiba for teething discomfort, Thieves for sanitization and immune boosting, and Digize for tummy problems. Although it is possible to use the oils directly, I recommend diluting them with a carrier oil like coconut oil for safety.

A Soothing Massage with Beautycounter Baby Oil

Every night, I either give Ellie a full bath or a sponge bath, followed by a relaxing body massage accompanied by a sweet sing-along. For her massage, I absolutely love using Beautycounter baby oil. It is incredibly gentle, and I have been using it on Ellie since the day she was born. I wholeheartedly support Beautycounter’s ethical stance and have complete faith in their products, which is why I was thrilled to find this amazing oil.

Burt’s Bees Calming Shampoo & Wash for Gentle Hair Care

When it comes to shampooing Ellie’s hair during her full baths, my go-to choice is Burt’s Bees Calming Shampoo & Wash. This shampoo is made with natural moisturizers and infused with the soothing scents of aromatic lavender and vanilla. It provides a gentle cleanse while promoting a calm atmosphere. Plus, it smells absolutely divine!

Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream for Dry Skin

Given that Ellie was born during a freezing winter in Toronto, she developed dry skin and mild eczema. Among all the non-medical products I tried, the Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream offered the most relief. It helped soothe and moisturize her skin, providing much-needed comfort.

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash for Dry Skin

To alleviate Ellie’s dry skin issues, I have been loving the Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash. This gentle wash effectively cleanses while soothing and relieving dry skin. Enriched with natural colloidal oatmeal and glycerin, it is tear-free, soap-free, and allergy-tested. It has been a great help in addressing Ellie’s dry skin concerns.

Share Your Favorite Baby Products

Do you have any baby products that you swear by? I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below.


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