How I Found the Perfect Convertible Car Seat: The Clek Foonf

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My Quest for the Ideal Car Seat


As parents, we are faced with numerous important decisions when it comes to our babies. From choosing the right infant car seat to the stroller and the breast pump, every milestone brings a new purchasing dilemma. After months of research, talking to friends, and saving money, I finally found the ideal convertible car seat for my little one. I want to share my experience with the Clek Foonf to help others who are in the research phase of finding the best car seat for their family.


My Criteria for Choosing a Car Seat

Safety First

When it comes to selecting a car seat, safety is everyone’s top priority. We all want to ensure that our little ones are protected in the safest way possible. So, that was a crucial aspect for me when making my decision.

Ease of Use Matters

I am not a fan of complicated baby products. I vividly remember having a breakdown in a baby store while trying to fold and unfold different strollers. Therefore, I wanted a car seat that was easy to install and adjust as my daughter grows.

Stylish Design

I have always had an eye for sleek and sexy designs. While car seats may not be synonymous with style, I believe that aesthetics matter, even in baby products.

Value for Money

Like most parents, I wanted to get the best value for my hard-earned money. Making a significant investment in a car seat requires careful consideration of long-term benefits.

Supporting Canadian Businesses

As a Canadian, I take pride in supporting local businesses. If I can find a product that is both Canadian-owned and manufactured in Canada, it’s a bonus for me.


The Impressive Specs of the Clek Foonf

Dubbed as “the mother of all car seats” by Clek, the Foonf is an exceptional piece of engineering. Here are some of its standout features:

  • Rigid-UAS installation for forward-facing
  • Anti-rebound bar
  • Secure rear-facing installation
  • Revolutionary forward-facing safety
  • Steel and magnesium sub-structure for added strength
  • Energy-absorbing foam with dual lasers
  • Crypton fabric provides permanent protection against stains, moisture, and bacteria
  • Smooth recline and adjustable structural headrest
  • 2-year extended warranty for peace of mind
  • Can be installed 3-across in most vehicles, measuring 16.9 inches in width
  • Rear Facing: Height: 25–43 inches, Weight: 14–40 lbs, Minimum Age – Able to sit upright alone. Can accommodate a 5 lb and 19-inch child when used with the infant-thingy (sold separately).
  • Forward Facing: Height: 30–49 inches, Weight: 20–65 lbs, Minimum Age: 2+ years recommended (1 year minimum)


My Review of the Clek Foonf

To be honest, I had my eye on the Clek Foonf since I was five months pregnant. While wandering aimlessly in a baby show, a Clek salesperson grabbed my attention. And when she mentioned that any liquid simply repels off the fabric, I was sold. As a clean freak, this feature was a major bonus for me.

After a month of using the Foonf, I can confidently say that it meets my car seat “must-haves” list:

Safety: Top-Notch

The Clek Foonf boasts impressive safety features, backed by rigorous crash tests. As a Canadian company, they adhere to the strictest guidelines, giving parents like me peace of mind.

Ease of Use: A Breeze

Installing the Foonf in the rear-facing position is incredibly easy. For those who dislike instruction manuals (like me), there are numerous YouTube videos available for guidance. Adjusting the straps while the baby is in the seat itself is a straightforward process. However, the height of the car seat initially caused some visibility concerns, but with practice, it became manageable.

Style: Timeless and Chic

This car seat’s design is undoubtedly one of the most attractive out there. It exudes a timeless charm with a Scandinavian touch. And the best part? Comfort is not sacrificed for style. My daughter absolutely loves how comfortable her Foonf is.

Value for Money: Long-Term Investment

At $599 CAD, the Foonf might not be the cheapest option on the market. However, considering its extended usability until the child reaches 65 lbs (usually around 6 or 7 years old), the cost averages out to approximately $100 per year. Additionally, Clek’s commitment to their products allows you to reuse the car seat for subsequent children.

Proudly Canadian

Not only is the Clek Foonf manufactured in Canada, but Clek is also the only North American car seat company with a car seat recycling program.


Final Verdict: Clek Foonf is a Winner

After experiencing the Clek Foonf firsthand, I can confidently say that I made the right decision. I highly recommend it to other parents searching for a top-notch convertible car seat.

Wishing you and your little one the best in safety and comfort!


Please note: While this review was done in collaboration with Clek, all opinions expressed are my own.

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