2019 – Saving Time, One Coffee at a Time


It’s 2019 and most of us have started to think about our New Year’s Resolutions, goals for 2019 and how we’re going to make 2019 better than 2018. My personal health (mental and physical) is at the top of my list, but before I can even consider tackling my goals I need more TIME IN THE DAY. As a single mom, I am BUSY. Between daycare drop offs and pick ups, my job, a social life and working on my health I need to be as efficient as possible in my day. Enter – my new Nespresso machine – The VertuoPlus.nespresso

Coffee – Any addicts out there? Yep, I am addicted, I’m not going to lie. It’s my daily saviour and one thing I cannot live without.  I look forward to a delicious cup of coffee as soon as I wake up. In addition to this, I fully admit to being a serious coffee snob. Watered down, cheap roast? No thanks!  My regular coffee routine in 2018 involved one of two things. 1. (ideal) – I would grind my own beans, then brew a french press pot of coffee. Pros: tastes delicious, fresh, economical. Cons: Takes a long time and requires clean up. 2. I would purchase 1, 2 or even 3 (yes I’m embarrassed to admit it) Starbucks. Pros: delicious, easy. Cons: EXPENSIVE, takes time (even a drive through), EXPENSIVE (oh did I say that already?).

The Nespresso VertuoPlus has changed the way I drink coffee in the best way possible. How? QUALITY (being the coffee snob I am), TIME and finally, BUDGET.


I had heard mixed reviews of Nespresso coffee so I was initially skeptical. When My VertuoPlus arrived, I received a complimentary variety pack of a mix of coffee and espresso. What a great idea Nespresso! I used a sharpie to rank each coffee flavour after I had tried it. Sure, some were not to my taste but I found a number of flavours that were absolutely delicious.

My favourite order at Starbucks is an almond milk latte. I can easily re-create this at home now using the Aeroccino Frother to steam my milk and choosing one of the espresso or double espresso capsules.nespresso


It is so easy to use the VertuoPlus. The machine reads a barcode on the coffee capsule and at the press of just 1 button, creates the perfect cup of coffee. No cleaning up of beans, NO TIME! I just saved myself probably 5 mins. I can now use this extra 5 mins for one of my health goals: mindful meditation for 5 mins a day! If you choose to use the milk frother, I literally rinse it after each use which takes approximately 5 seconds.


Spending anywhere from $5-$15/day on Starbucks (yes I’m ashamed to admit it) after the initial investment of the machine (Nespresso has regular promotions on their machines), coffee pods range from $0.80-$1.12. Perhaps slightly more expensive than my french press coffee (I’ll take it for convenience sake), this coffee is astronomically more economical than Starbucks (or any other fast-food coffee of your choice).

Why a Nespresso Machine Is a Great Investment

If you’re a coffee addict like me, value your time and wallet then you will thank me after spending a week with your Nespresso. In addition to all the benefits listed, Nespresso now has really great recycling programs available. Check out: https://www.nespresso.com/ca/en/services-recycling for specific information based on where you live.

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Although this machine was gifted, all opinions in this post are my own.


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