2019: A Year Dedicated to Self-Care

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Prioritizing My Well-being

2018 was a year of extreme highs and lows for me. Witnessing my precious newborn grow into a one-year-old was a joy, but simultaneously, I went through the heartbreak of ending an 11-year marriage. Now, as I enter 2019, I am determined to focus on myself. Over the past year, my mental, physical, and emotional health took a backseat (I’m sure many of you can relate). Juggling the responsibilities of being a single mom with a demanding full-time job has been incredibly challenging. However, this year, I have made it a priority to improve how I look and feel. I want to be the best mom, boss, employee, and friend I can be. To achieve this, I have dedicated myself to various self-improvement practices such as diet, exercise, meditation, and journaling. But today, I want to discuss one aspect I have been contemplating for a long time – injectable treatments, specifically fillers.

Overcoming Apprehensions

Why do we, as women, always put ourselves last when there are simple ways to enhance our appearance and well-being? As I approach my 40th birthday in May, stress and aging have taken a toll on how I look and feel. During my research, I became intrigued by injectable treatments. Like many others, I held reservations due to the horror stories of botched jobs we’ve all seen. However, after gathering factual information and researching JUVÉDERM®, I decided to schedule a consultation with a renowned dermatologist. Dr. Julia Carroll, an expert in natural-looking rejuvenation treatments for women, enlightened me on the possibility of achieving natural results through injectable treatments. During our 30-minute meeting at Compass Dermatology, Dr. Carroll attentively listened to my concerns, such as the lines on my forehead, saggy cheeks, and thin lips. She explained how wrinkle-reducing injections and facial fillers could address these issues. Dr. Carroll’s unique approach, using MD Codes™, focuses on targeting the underlying causes of aging, enabling a customized treatment plan that resonated with my desire for a natural approach to beauty.

The Journey Begins

We scheduled two appointments, one for wrinkle-reducing injections and another for the filler, two weeks later. Dr. Carroll believes in starting slowly and adding a small, natural amount of filler, allowing time to adjust and become comfortable with the initial results before considering any further enhancements. This cautious approach aligned perfectly with my preference for a subtle transformation. The wrinkle-reducing injections were a quick procedure, taking only five minutes, while the facial filler process lasted around 15 minutes. The needle pricks were minimally painful, and Dr. Carroll’s careful injection plan made the experience bearable. The lip area was slightly more sensitive, but still manageable. Following my sister’s advice, I had eaten before the appointment, which helped ease any discomfort. Post-treatment, I was informed about the possibility of bruising and swelling. However, aside from slight soreness and minor swelling in my lips, there was nothing noticeable to others.

Embracing the Results

Initially skeptical about injectable treatments, I am now a staunch advocate due to my remarkable experience. I feel like an enhanced version of myself, radiating confidence in my newfound appearance. The results are beautifully natural, as not a single person has noticed that I’ve undergone any procedures. Yet, I continuously receive compliments on my glowing skin. Dr. Carroll explained that the firmness and lift from the treatments impart a luminous quality to my complexion. For those curious about the longevity of these treatments, JUVÉDERM® can last up to 24 months.

A Reassuring “Yes” to the Future

Without hesitation, I can confidently say that I will undergo these treatments again. It’s a no-brainer. I feel fantastic, and I believe I can gracefully embrace turning 40 and the aging process. While it’s crucial to prioritize others, we must remember that we deserve care and attention too. Sometimes, to be the best version of ourselves for others, putting ourselves first is necessary.

Is it Right for You?

If you’re considering injectable treatments, start by visiting juvéderm.ca for more information on facial fillers and to find qualified doctors in your area. I highly encourage booking a consultation as it involves no commitment to proceed with the treatment. Additionally, JUVÉDERM® provides a Visualizer tool that allows you to see the potential effects of different treatments on your own face – a fantastic feature! This tool utilizes facial recognition to simulate clinically-calibrated changes to your skin, offering a realistic preview of the potential results. Also, I recommend exploring Juvéderm’s Rewards Program, Brilliant Distinctions, to ensure you earn points for your treatments. Personally, I have no doubt that I will return to Dr. Carroll, making the rewards program all the more appealing!

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