Nail Style Trends in 2007

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Have you noticed the latest nail styles? Well, things have changed for the better in 2007, with new trends and colors that are all the rage. If you’re a fan of OPI nail polish or Essie nail polish, you’ve probably already seen the new summer colors. In case you haven’t, don’t worry! I’ll explain the nail style trends for 2007, so you can have fabulous nails without having to go to a salon every week.

The Dark and Mysterious Shade

One of the hottest colors this year is a deep, dark red that’s almost black. Women of all ages are loving this color and the way it adds a touch of sophistication to their hands. This trend has been strong throughout the early months of 2007 and shows no signs of fading away during the summer months.

The Timeless French Manicure

Another popular nail style in 2007 is the classic French manicure. This elegant and chic look has been a favorite for years and is perfect for weddings, whether you’re the bride or a bridesmaid. It looks stunning in photos and in person, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. The best part? You can easily paint over it with a different color if you feel like switching things up. French manicures are definitely one of the top choices for 2007.

Express Your Creativity with Nail Art

Nail art is also a major trend this year, and the options are endless. If you want flowers painted on your nails or a funky swirl design, go for it! Having a unique design on your nails instantly makes you a part of the cool crowd, and everyone will admire your beautiful nails.

Get Professional Guidance

If you’re not sure what nail style would suit your daily look or a special occasion, consider visiting a nail salon for a professional manicure. This way, you can see how your nails are expertly shaped and painted. You can also consult with the professionals to get advice on what’s currently in style and what would best complement your lifestyle. With their help, you’ll have beautiful nails that receive compliments wherever you go!


In 2007, nail styles have taken a dramatic turn. From the mysterious dark shades to the timeless French manicures, there’s something for everyone’s taste. And let’s not forget about the creativity and individuality offered by nail art. So, go ahead and embrace the latest trends in nail styling. Whether you choose to do it yourself or seek professional assistance, make sure your nails are on-point and ready to make a statement!

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