How to Smooth a Broken Nail Without a Nail File

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Finding Alternatives in a Pinch

Shower Tiles: A Surprising Solution

Don’t you hate it when you break or snag a fingernail? It’s not only annoying but can also be dangerous. We all know the pain of accidentally scratching our face or getting too close to our eyes. But fear not, because even if you don’t have a nail file, there are still ways to remedy the situation.

When you’re away from home, such as staying in a hotel, it can be particularly frustrating not to have a nail file at hand. But here’s where you might find a solution hiding in plain sight – the bathroom. Specifically, the shower tiles and the grout between them. These little crevices can work wonders for your rough nail. Simply rub your nail along the grout line, and voila! Your nail will be smooth again. The best part? You can choose to quickly address the snag as you pass by, or take a few extra moments in the shower to tend to it. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that the shower is cleaned daily, ensuring hygiene. And if you can’t find a file in your own shower, this trick works just as well.

Undersides of Desks and Stone Countertops: Hidden Gems

Another handy no-file approach is found in the most unexpected places – the underside of desks or stone countertops. Whether you’re dealing with a wooden or a stone surface, both can save the day when you’re in a pinch. While the tops of these surfaces are smooth, it’s the bottoms that hold the secret. They can act as makeshift nail files, keeping you from causing any harm until you find an actual file. So, if you find yourself without a nail file, just look down and give these surfaces a try.

Be Mindful of Your Filing Locations

Of course, it’s important to be mindful of where you choose to file your nails. It’s not advisable to attempt these tricks in public places like the subway or airplane bathrooms. You never know what might work or what you might accidentally damage. So, it’s best to stick to clean and safe areas when improvising. Remember, you don’t necessarily need a nail file to smooth out that troublesome nail.

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